Memory Loss Disorders

As a large portion of our population ages, memory loss disorders have become a concern. The cause of memory loss is difficult to diagnose and may take time and several visits to the doctor. If you have suspected or experienced memory loss in yourself or noticed signs in a loved one over the past 3 to 6 months, it is important that you seek help from a medical professional.

What kind of memory loss do we mean? For example:

Has he or she forgotten the directions to a well-known location?
Has he or she forgotten ingredients to a family recipe?
Has he or she occasionally not recognized faces or names of very familiar individuals?

It is easy to attribute these types of memory loss to lack of sleep, stress, or other factors. It is better to allow a medical professional to assess the symptoms instead of explaining it away. If there is a more serious condition, the sooner you begin treatment the more effective it can be.

At iResearch Atlanta, we are happy to assist in this process of determining the cause of memory loss. The process begins with an intake appointment where we collect extensive medical history and includes memory testing at no cost. Additionally, we will collect and review prior medical records, which will assist our doctors in identifying the cause of memory loss.